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Roulette Royale Jackpot Current jackpot value:

Microgaming's Roulette Royale resembles the typical roulette game common in casinos in many aspects. The key distinguishing factor is that Microgaming has gone ahead and attached a progressive jackpot and several other smaller jackpots to this game, which makes it even more alluring.

Jackpot Information

Game: Roulette Royale
Reels: n/a
Paylines: n/a
Min Bet: $0.05
Max Bet: $3
Avg. Jackpot: $650,000
Scatters: n/a
Free Spins: No
RTP: 94.51 %
Reset Value: $60,000

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Roulette version

Roulette Royale is designed based on the European Roulette that is common even in brick-and-mortar casinos. This means that, unlike the American version that has a double zero, Roulette Royale only features a single zero. Although it might seem like a very subtle difference, it has a much larger impact on the overall gameplay as the absence of the double zero changes the total numbers on the wheel thus a higher odd of landing either of the remaining numbers.

How to play Roulette Royale

Playing Roulette Royale is not different from the traditional European Roulette game. The action at the roulette table is usually fast and quite exciting. The objective of the game simply remains to make a bet on a number or a series of numbers that will match the numbers obtained from the spinning roulette wheel. Alternatively, the player can bet on either the red, black, odd, or even figures on the table.

Before beginning to play, a wager needs to be made at the display table. The player then spins the wheel with the ball running across it. The figure in the slot where the ball drops is compared with the player's bets and if it is a positive match the bet money is awarded. If there is no match then the bet is lost to the house and the player starts the process again by placing new bets.

Microgaming has added an extra Expert Mode which activates the autoplay and neighboring bets features.

Roulette Royale progressive jackpot

Roulette Royale is one of the few roulette games out there that have a progressive jackpot attached to it. The jackpot is a pool of money made of contributions from the players' wagers. This pool of money constantly increases as more and more bets are placed in the game. When a jackpot is won, the figure is then reset to an original seed value and the pool begins building up once again.

Winning the progressive jackpot at Roulette Royale will require the player to first place a side bet in addition to their bet on the game. The full amount of the jackpot is won if the player gets a single number appearing five times consecutively. Considering the odds of such a feat, winning the jackpot can be quite tricky and will need some luck. Even so, this can still be a good thing since it means that the progressive jackpot can eventually end up increasing up to six figures before anyone gets it.

If you fail to get the elusive jackpot, however, you can still redeem your money using the smaller jackpots on offer. Having a number appearing twice consecutively awards $15, while thrice consecutively awards $200. The same number appearing four consecutive times pays a much more impressive award of $3000. You should note that these smaller jackpots are not progressive and the award money is fixed.

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Roulette Royale Jackpot Current jackpot value:

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