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Poker has for a long time been a staple at casinos and gaming halls. With the growth of internet-based interactive gaming, different variants of video poker have been developed where the gamer can indulge in a virtual world of gaming. Microgaming has taken the age-old game of poker and added a twist to it making it more exciting. Poker Ride is a video poker game that features a progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Information

Game: Poker Ride
Reels: n/a
Paylines: n/a
Min Bet: $0.50
Max Bet: $5
Max Payout: Get Royal Flush
Wild Symbol: No
Multipliers: No
RTP: 93.65 %
Average Win: $228,000

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Poker Ride game play

The basic rule of playing poker is to ensure that you have a winning hand. This will be determined by the kind of cards you will be dealt during the game, as each type of card holds a different value. These basic rules still apply at Poker Rider. A few changes have however been thrown into the mix to set the game apart from the usual video poker games.

As the game starts, the player will be prompted to place her first bet, which in poker is known as the Ante. In Poker Ride this bet has to be between 0.50 and 100. A set of three cards is then dealt face up in a row from an ordinary pack of 52 playing cards. Above the row of these three cards, two additional cards are placed but this time face down. Depending on the strength of the three cards dealt, the player can choose to either "call" or "raise".

A call means that one of the face-down cards will be revealed without an additional bet. A raise on the other hand means that you increase your bet with an amount the same as your initial bet for the first face-down card to be revealed. This increase in stake will eventually increase the overall win at the end of the game. The process is then repeated for the second face-down card.

Now with all faces of the five cards revealed, their values are checked based on the paytable. If the "hand" can form a winning combination the amount is paid out. The paytable illustrating the payouts can easily be accessed from the game's main screen.

Poker Ride progressive jackpot

To add to the twist of Poker Ride is a progressive jackpot attached to it. As with other progressive jackpots, the amount starts with a seed value that is then increased for every bet made at the game. The progressive jackpot at Poker Ride has on several occasions risen past 100,000.

To win the Poker Ride progressive jackpot, the player is required to place a side bet of 1.00 in addition to the ante bet made at the poker table. Gameplay then takes its usual course and if by luck the player can land a Royal Flush, then the jackpot money is theirs. In addition to the jackpot money, the Royal Flush is the highest-paying hand on the paytable with a yield of 1000/1.

If your luck falls short of a Royal Flush but you instead manage to get a Straight Flush, you still take a 10% portion of the current progressive jackpot amount, in addition to the 200/1 payout entitled to a Straight Flush.

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Poker Ride Jackpot Current jackpot value:

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