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Jackpot Deuces Current jackpot value:

Jackpot Deuces is a video poker game that can be played at any of the casinos that support Microgaming products. It is part of some attractive progressive jackpots offered by Microgaming. The game is quite engaging and has some intriguing extra features that spice up the usual video poker game. Since Jackpot Deuces is quite popular with many gamers, the jackpot value can quickly rise to some very impressive amounts.

Jackpot Information

Game: Jackpot Deuces
Seed Value: $5,000
Paylines: n/a
Min Bet: $1
Max Bet: $5
Max Payout: 56012 coins
Bonus Round: n/a
Multipliers: No
RTP: 93.45 %
Average Win: $39,000

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Game play and rules

Jackpot Deuces video poker is based on the Deuces Wild video poker version. The rules are quite similar only that Jackpot Deuces has a progressive jackpot attached to it. Just like any other poker game, it is all about getting a better hand. Jackpot Deuces is a single-hand game. The coin value is fixed at the default value of $1. Gamers can however adjust the number of coins to use from 1 up to a maximum of 5. This means that the maximum possible wager at Jackpot Deuces is $5.

The game starts with the player getting dealt a hand of five cards. Depending on the value of the cards one receives, you can decide to either hold or discard them. This is done using the Hold and Draw buttons. The player is allowed to discard the cards in their deck until the point when they feel they have a winning hand. The game's software will automatically analyze the value of the cards and determine whether there are any wins made. Payouts follow the usual patterns starting from three-of-a-kind, straight, flush, full house, four-of-a-kind, Deuces Royal Flush, and the highest is the Natural Royal Flush yielding an impressive 4,000 coins. The game has a paytable that explains how many coins are won by each set of hands.

One key feature of this game is the wild card. Just like in other Deuces Wild video poker games, cards with a face value of 2 are considered wild cards. The deuces are quite important as they have substituting powers. This means that they can replace other cards in your hand and help you form that winning hand. The software is designed to automatically hold the deuces.

Jackpot Deuces progressive jackpot

As the game's title suggests, there is a jackpot attached to this Deuces Wild video poker game. The progressive jackpot can only be won if you are playing on the maximum bet of $5. Similar to other progressive jackpots, the amount increases as more players engage up to a point where the jackpot is won.

To win the Jackpot Deuces progressive jackpot one is required to have a Diamond Royal Flush. This hand is made up of 10, Ace, Jack, Queen, and King of diamonds. When the jackpot is won, all active players are notified and the amount reverts back to the seed value of $5,000.

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Jackpot Deuces Current jackpot value:

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