Real Money Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game that is over two hundred years old. French in origin, this card game has been played as a form of gambling throughout its age, and for many children in the western world it is one of the first card games that they learn to play, albeit under a different name, Twenty One.

The object of the game is to accumulate a hand total of 21, or as close to it as possible, without going bust. The face cards are worth 10 points each, and all other cards are worth their number value. The Ace can be counted as either 1 or 11, depending on what the player needs to get closer to 21.

When playing blackjack for real money, it's important to find a reputable online casino that offers fair gameplay and plenty of bonuses. Look for casinos that offer different styles of blackjack, such as American and European rules to ensure you always get the most out of your game.

Real Money Blackjack Casinos

The rules of blackjack

The rules behind internet blackjack are absolutely no different than that of its land-based cousin. The objective is to accumulate a series of cards that total the number twenty-one, or as close to it as possible without going over that figure. Should a player go over the magic number of twenty-one (going bust) they lose their bet and are out of that hand.

As a general rule, the dealer will often stick at sixteen or seventeen. The dealer will very rarely play on if either of those numbers is hit, and will rarely stick on a fifteen or lower. Blackjack is won instantly should a player have a face card (ten) and an Ace on their first go. The dealer cannot top this.

The player is only interested in the numbers on the cards, with their suit values being of no purpose in online or offline blackjack. The face cards are worth a total of ten, whilst every other card is worth the value of its number. The exception to this rule is the Ace, which can substitute itself for either a one or an eleven, depending on what a player needs to get as close to twenty-one as possible.

Blackjack tournaments

The player will frequently compete against the dealer in a one-on-one card battle in blackjack games. Some special websites may occasionally provide blackjack tournaments, in which players will play at an online table with numerous genuine people to defeat their fellow humans and advance to the next table and ultimately win the contest.

Online Blackjack for Real MoneyAn automatic shuffling program may or may not be in control of the computer dealer. It might be a real person at other times, but it is typically automated shuffle software. Live dealer play is a popular occurrence in online casinos and it is a feature that many players look for in their casinos.

The rules of blackjack are quite simple, so it's easy to get started without spending too much time getting up to speed with the game. The cards themselves only have numbers on them, so knowing what they are isn't difficult at all. You could soon be playing online blackjack for real money.

How to play online blackjack?

Blackjack in European style is played with two face-up cards dealt to you, and one face-up card dealt to the dealer. European Blackjack is a game where the object is to get closer to 21 points than the dealer, but not go over 21 points.

A Blackjack is a hand in which the two cards total 21 points. Blackjack is always the winning hand unless both you and the dealer receive Blackjack, in which case you push. Totaling 21 points with three cards or more is not considered Blackjack.

Point values

  • Cards 2 through 10 = face value
  • Face Cards = 10 points
  • Aces = 1 point or 11 points, whichever makes a better hand

Example: 6 + Ace = 7 points or 17 points

How to Play

  1. Click chips to place a bet within table limits or click Rebet
  2. Click Deal
  3. Click Hit, Stand, Double, or Split
  4. If you don't Hit, you'll Stand, Double, Bust or the dealer will Bust

Doubling - You can only Double once in European Blackjack with hard values of 9 - 11.

Splitting - A bet of the same amount as the ante must be placed when you split. Now you have two hands. It is possible to continue hitting for each hand, except if the split was made for two Aces, in which case you can only hit once per hand.

To Win (meet one)

  • You get Blackjack.
  • The points you have on your hand are closer to 21 than those on the dealer's and do not exceed 21.
  • In the dealer's hand, the points exceed 21 while your hand does not.

How the Dealer plays

  • Dealer Hits on any total of 16 or less
  • Dealer Stands any total of 17 (hard or soft) or more










3:2 (first hand only)


Other winning hands

Even Money

Dealer / Player Tie

Other hands

Recoup ante

Mobile blackjack

Playing blackjack on a smartphone is a great way to keep the game going while you're on the go. Whether you're in transit, eating lunch at a diner, or spending some time with friends, your mobile device can always offer you some quality entertainment. All it takes is one internet connection and some quick fingerwork to start playing for real money.

There are two main benefits of playing blackjack on your mobile device; no download needed and accessibility.

Sometimes you don't want to fill up your hard drive with gaming apps when other things could be using up storage space like pictures, videos, music, etc. And sometimes you just don't have the time to be sitting in front of your computer or laptop when you want to play some online casino games.


If you are a beginner at blackjack, then it's best to learn the rules of the game first, which only takes a few minutes. The most important thing to remember is that all cards have a number on them, with face cards being worth ten points and every other card being worth its numerical value.

The Ace is a special card that can be played as either a one or an eleven, depending on what the player needs to win.

If you are looking for a game that is easy to learn, popular in casinos all over the world, and can be played online or at land-based venues, then blackjack may just be what you're looking for.

It's important to find an online casino with fair gameplay that offers different styles of blackjack so that players have more options available when they play.

Blackjack online real money FAQ

Many players wonder if it is possible to play blackjack with real money. Here are a few frequently asked questions.

Can you play blackjack online for real money?

Yes, you can play blackjack online for real money. Many online casinos offer blackjack games, and most of them also offer real-money versions of the game. If you're looking for a good place to play, we recommend checking out Sloto Cash Casino. They have a great selection of blackjack games, and they offer some of the best bonuses in the industry.

Can you make real money playing blackjack online?

Some people are asking if it is possible to make real money playing blackjack online. The answer to this question is both yes and no. You can certainly make some money by playing blackjack online, but there is no guarantee that you will always win.

You could end up losing money if you're not careful. That being said, there is still a good chance that you can make some money by playing blackjack online if you're lucky and smart about it.