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About online blackjack

Blackjack is a card game that is over two hundred years old. French in origin, this card game has been played as a form of gambling throughout its age, and for many children in the western world it is one of the first card games that they learn to play, albeit under a different name. Twenty One.

The popularity of casino Blackjack as a form of gambling is exceeded by its digital representation, online blackjack. So popular is blackjack, that it is one of the staples of every good online gambling sites arsenal of games. The real money online blackjack can be found in online casino sites, poker sites, sportsbooks and online bingo sites as well as on a few very dedicated websites which focus on the game itself as their main interest.

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The basics of blackjack

The rules behind internet blackjack are absolutely no different than that of its land-based cousin. The objective is to accumulate a series of cards that total the number twenty one, or as close to it as possible without going over that figure. Should a player go over the magic number of twenty one (going bust) they lose their bet and are out of that hand.

The player is only interested in the numbers on the cards, with their suit values being of no purpose in online or offline blackjack. The face cards are worth a total of ten, whilst every other card is worth the value of its number. The exception to this rule is the Ace, which can substitute itself for either a one or an eleven, depending on what a player needs to get as close to twenty one as possible.

Blackjack tournaments

Most blackjack games will see the player pitted against the dealer in a one on one card match. Certain specialist sites will sometimes offer blackjack tournaments however that will see a player put at an online table with several other real players, with the objective being to defeat your fellow human players and advance to the next table, and to ultimately win the tournament. In certain matches the computer dealer may be replaced with a live dealer with offers some sort of realistic semblance to the original game, it must be said.

Good to know

As a general rule, the dealer will often stick at sixteen or seventeen. The dealer will very rarely play on if either of those numbers are hit, and will almost never stick on a fifteen or lower. Blackjack is won instantly should a player have a face card (ten) and an Ace on their first go. The dealer cannot top this. There are several variations of online blackjack that can be played, although none are terribly popular. Standard online blackjack remains on the biggest online card games on the internet.

Blackjack online casinos

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