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Wow Pot is a series of online slots that feature a progressive jackpot. There are two different versions of the game, one having 3 reels while the other has 5 reels. Both games are powered by Microgaming software.

Wow Pot 3 Reel Version

This is a simple game that features 3 reels and only one payline. The game is quite traditional as you will not find any animated symbols. The symbols are the classical 7s, cherries and single, double and triple bars. These symbols are however brightly colored bringing some wow-effect to the game.

The betting options are also quite basic. With only one payline, the coin value is also fixed at 0.50. The only option to adjust your bet therefore is using the number of coins which can be one, two or three coins.

The 3 reel version has a wild symbol which is represented by the WOW logo. Just like it is common in other slots, the wild has substituting powers and come in to complete winning combinations. Wins completed using one extra wild yield 5 coins. If you get two wilds, then you receive 10 coins. The wild symbol is also important if you are going the ultimate prize, the progressive jackpot. To win the eye watering jackpot prize, you will be required to spin in 3 wild symbols across the single payline.

If you miss out on the progressive jackpot, you can instead go for the game’s regular jackpot which pays out 1,000 coins. To win this you will need to have three striped 7s appearing on the single payline.

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Wow Pot Jackpot Current jackpot value:

Wow Pot 5 Reel Version

Playing the 5 reel version of Wow Pot is not very much different from the 3 reel version. Of course here you will have 2 extra reels which allow the introduction of some additional symbols. The additional symbols still follow the classical tale introduced by the 3 reel version. You will have the classical fruits such as cherries, lemons and melons. There is also a golden bell. The Wow Pot logo still serves as the wild symbol. Here the wild symbol also has a multiplier effect. Any winning combo completed by a wild symbol will be given a 2x multiplier.

One key distinguishing feature between the two versions is the number of paylines. With the 5 reel version, you can adjust you paylines up to a maximum of 15. The bet coins are however still fixed at 0.10 and you can only use one coin per line. This sets the maximum possible bet at 1.50, similar to what you will find in the 3 reel version.

To win the progressive jackpot while playing the 5 reel version, you will be required to spin in 5 wild symbols along the 15th payline. To some players, this might sound a bit harder that winning the jackpot using the simple 3 reel version. However, the game is designed such that the odds for hitting the progressive jackpot are the same for both games. This therefore means that whether you are playing the 3 reel version or the 5 reel version, you will have equal chances of getting the progressive jackpot money.

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