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Supa Jax Jackpot Current jackpot value:

Video poker is quite an exciting game that is popular with many avid gamers. Fresh from the Microgaming studios is Supa Jax, a video poker game that can be enjoyed right in the comfort of your home. Supa Jax is modeled on the traditional variant of Jacks or Better Video Poker. To spice things up is a progressive jackpot that starts at five figures and often goes up to the six-figure mark.

Jackpot Information

Game: Supa Jax
Avg. Jackpot: $48,500
Game Type: Video Poker
Min Bet: $1
Max Bet: $1
Highest Payout: Royal Flush
Wild Symbols: n/a
Scatters: n/a
RTP: 94.77 %
Seed Value: $10,000

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Game play and rules

Playing Supa Jax is quite similar to playing the Jacks or Better version of video poker. The basic rule of the game is that any hand with a pair of jacks or above pays out. Just like any other version of poker, the idea here is to have a better hand than the dealer. Supa Jax uses all the 52 cards in a deck and an additional Supa Jax wild card that serves a special purpose.

When the game begins, the player is dealt a handoff of five cards. From there the basic rules of Jack or Better video poker are considered. The cards will automatically be arranged to form a ranking hand. The payouts start with a pair of jacks. The highest payout one can receive is the Royal Flush which as usual has to consist of 10, ace, J, Q, and K.

For wagering options, there is only one coin size fixed at $1. The maximum number of coins players can bet is 5. It is often advisable to play Supa Jax while using the maximum bet because this will not only trigger the highest Royal Flush payout of $3,000 but also is a prerequisite for one to take part in the progressive jackpot.

In addition, Supa Jax has a gamble feature where the gamer is allowed to have a shot at doubling their payout. This feature is automatically activated whenever the player pulls out a winning hand. To accept the gamble bonus round, simply click Yes and you will be presented with a deck of four cards placed face down. You are then prompted to reveal your cards and if they beat the dealer's hand, your wins are multiplied by 2.

Supa Jax progressive jackpot

In addition to the usual thrill of Jacks or Better video poker, Supa Jax has an attractive progressive jackpot. The jackpot prize starts at a seed value of $10,000. The figure gradually grows as more and more players around the world engage in this video poker game. It is important to note that Supa Jax is one of the most popular video poker games in online casinos globally and therefore this means that progressive jackpot money can rise quite quickly.

Winning the Supa Jax progressive jackpot is a tad bit different from other ordinary video poker jackpots. The usual rules state that you have to get a royal flush to win the jackpot. But with Supa Jax, the progressive jackpot is won if your hand consists of four jacks and the extra Supa Jax card. It is also a requirement that you are playing with a maximum bet of 5 coins.

If you get the combination for a jackpot but were playing on a lower bet, then you lose out on the jackpot giveaway. If the jackpot is won, any player currently participating is automatically notified of the developments and the money is reset back to the $10,000 seed money.

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Supa Jax Jackpot Current jackpot value:

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