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Major Millions is a progressive slots game from Microgaming, a company well recognized in the i-gaming industry. The Major Millions has 5 reels and features 15 paylines. The player will only have one coin value to play with which is set at 0.20. You also can only play one coin per line for each spin. This means that to adjust the bet size, players will have to resort to the number of paylines activated.

While the Major Millions 5 reel progressive slot is more popular, there is also a classic 3 reel version with the same title. For both versions, the graphics are quite interesting providing for an exciting game play. The 3 reel classic version however is more simplified and like many other classic slots, features only 3 paylines.

Major Millions Symbols

Major Millions is designed in a military theme with all the action unfolding on the reels. War planes, a set of binoculars, a top secret folder, medals of Honor, a tank, the major’s hat and the major himself are all used as the symbols. To complete the military action are audio effects and military music playing in the background amid the occasional coin machine effect that sounds every time you get a win. As it is with other slots, wins are paid from left to right with the exception of scatters.

The player will not miss to notice the exploding scatter symbol which appears randomly on the reels. There are no free spins associated with the scatter symbol in Major Millions. Instead the scatter triggers a multiplier for your wins based on your wager. In addition scatter wins do not follow the left to right rule and can pay in any direction.

The Major Millions logo functions as the wild symbol and it has both substituting and multiplier effects. The wild symbol appears randomly on the reels and replaces other symbols except the scatter. Any winning combination that is formed as a result of this gets a 3x multiplier. The wild symbol also comes in handy in winning the Major Millions progressive jackpot.

Play Major Millions now:

Major Millions Jackpot Current jackpot value:

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot at Major Millions starts at 250,000. Every time a wager is made at the slot machine, a portion of the money is set aside and contributes to the growth of the jackpot. This seed money will then progressively grow as more and more players continue placing their bet until a point where one lucky player wins the jackpot. The amount is then reset back to the seed value of 250,000. The current value of the progressive jackpot is displayed in real time at the top of the reels and when the money is won all active players will automatically get notified.

The first and most important rule of winning the progressive jackpot is that you must be playing at the maximum bet. This means that you need to have all 15 paylines activated. The jackpot is awarded to the first player who will have 5 wild symbols appearing simultaneously on the 15th payline. The jackpot amount at Major Millions has risen to touch the million dollar mark a number of times.

Major Millions is generally an exciting yet simple slot machine to try your luck on. Even though there are no free spins and bonus game features, the multipliers can be quite rewarding especially if you are lucky to have a winning streak. The graphical and audio effects are impressively used to bring out the military theme.

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