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Cyberstud Poker Jackpot Current jackpot value:

Over the years the traditional game of poker has evolved into several different variants. One of these that is now quite popular with casino gamers is Cyberstud Poker. Microgaming, a pioneer in the i-gaming industry, has gone a step further in developing this video poker version that also has a progressive jackpot. This means that in addition to winning from playing at the table better rewards await at the jackpot.

Jackpot Information

Game: Cyberstud Poker
Reels: 5
Paylines: 15
Min Bet: $1
Max Bet: $3
Max Payout: 6,000 coins
Free Spins: No
Multipliers: Yes
RTP: 91.88 %
Average Win: $178,000

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Playing Cyberstud Poker

Similar to other poker games, the general rule here is to have a favorable hand of five cards. The player gets dealt a set of cards and plays against the dealer. The basic rules of Cyberstud Poker state that there are no wild cards and each card are played for its face value.

For controlling the action of the game, the video poker machine is equipped with a 'hold', 'call', and 'deal' buttons. After placing the ante bet, the player should then hit the deal button which sets the action rolling and the player is dished out with five cards from a deck of 52 randomly shuffled cards. The dealer will have one card. This is where the fold or call buttons come in handy.

Depending on the values of your five cards against the one card held by the dealer, you can choose to either fold or call. A fold is used when you feel your hand is weak and it will restart the game, causing you to lose your ante bet money.

A call on the other side is used when you have confidence in your hand against the dealers. After a call is made, an additional bet of twice your ante bet is made and the remaining four cards of the dealer are revealed. The winner is the best hand and is paid out according to the game's paytable. An automatic win is however awarded to the player if the dealer fails to have a qualifying hand. A qualifying hand is where the dealer's combination of cards features an Ace and a King.

Cyberstud Poker progressive jackpot

The progressive jackpot needs to be activated using a side bet that is made together with the ante bet. This means that for every round of play the player is required to make a bet of 1 credit in addition to their ante bet.

To win the progressive jackpot the player will need some luck in achieving the elusive Royal Flush hand which should have a 10, J, Q, K, and Ace, all of the same suit. This rewards the full current value of the jackpot in addition to the payout indicated on the paytable.

A shot at the jackpot however does not end there as having a Straight Flush hand can still win you a fixed jackpot of 20,000 credits in addition to the usual payout on the paytable. Four-of-a-kind yields a reward of 500 credits, a full house yields 100 credits and a flush yields 50 credits as the reward.

Overall, Cyberstud Poker can be a good pastime for both poker enthusiasts and gamers seeking a different casino gaming experience. Mastering the game's strategy and understanding the rules can be quite easy after a few rounds, especially with the use of the paytable that explains how the hands' payout. The progressive jackpot can also go way above the 200,000 mark.

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