PayPal casino deposits

PayPal is quite possibly the most commonly used form of online banking that does not directly involve a credit card on the internet today. Whilst it is only very recently that online casinos have begun to adopt PayPal as one of their preferred payment methods, such is popularity behind the move that a great many online casinos now employ its services. This has made online gaming so much easier for the vats majority of players in the online gambling world as a great many people already own such an account with PayPal.

The basic idea of PayPal is that you transfer money directly to your PayPal account from your card and you can then send money to your online casino account through PayPal, eliminating the need to enter your credit card details at any online casino site.

Where can I use PayPal to play online?

PayPal is now accepted in many online casinos. Although it is still not accepted in as many online betting sites as Neteller or Skrill, most of the best casino sites now allow players to make deposits or withdraw their funds using PayPal.

Golden Tiger Casino PayPal

Golden Tiger Casino are one of the big online casinos that allow players to go about their banking with such a payment method. Golden Tiger Casino invites players to use PayPal to make instantaneous transactions in most major European countries. Whilst there is no specific deposit or withdrawal limit at Golden Tiger Casino with PayPal, players must wait 1-2 days for a transaction to be processed and then an additional period of time for it to enter their PayPal account. On certain occasions, it is not uncommon for the transaction to take longer and players can generally expect to wait roughly four to five working days before receiving their withdrawal in their accounts. Golden Tiger Casino does not charge any fees for players using PayPal as their preferred payment method.

Bet365 Casino PayPal

Bet365 Casino is another top online casino that allows its customers to use PayPal to deposit or withdraw funds to and from their online casino account. Bet365 Casino much like Golden Tiger Casino and most other online casinos does not charge its customers to use this service, and deposits to your Bet365 Casino account using this payment method are instantaneous. Depositing funds into your Bet365 Casino account can be done in Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars and a range of other currencies from across the globe. As far as withdrawing from Bet365 Casino goes, the transaction duration usually lasts one or two days, and could take longer for withdrawals over a certain large figure of money.

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