About online slots

Online slots are very popular games that are the latest evolution in the world of casino games. It used to be that we only had those traditional one-armed bandits in normal casinos where gambling was legal in. Eventually we got three-reeled slots and then video slots. Video slots are named because they have multiple screens for bonuses and an extensive variety of features.

The online world has grown quite well to the point where many digital versions of casino games have become available. The online slot machine has moved forward and become increasingly popular over time. In fact, the online slot format has become more commonplace than traditional options in recent time.

Online slots can be found in many forms and with a variety of themes. You can find slots ranging from football-themed slots to party-themed ones. There are no limits as to what the themes can be although the formats can vary. These include three and five-reel formats.

Three-reeled slots, or classic slots, will typically be ordinary slots that have no special points and often have as many as five paylines. Five-reeled slots, or video slots as they are often called, will have hundreds of paylines with some having up to 720 paylines. Wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus rounds and even free spins can be found on many of these five-reel slots. A bonus round in this case will typically feature a new screen.

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